Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Breaking Out and Starting Over

I think I've scrapped my entry for this Blog Carnival at least a dozen times by now. I can't seem to stay on just one topic (or, more accurately a narrow aspect of one topic), but that tends to be how my mind works in general (except in the case of hyperfocal and perseverative states).

So, instead of trying to focus on just one of the meanings that "Breaking Out" can have for me, I'll briefly list as many as I can. I may post entries exploring these topics in more depth in the future.

  • Breaking Out means embracing stereotypes by reinterpreting them.
  • Breaking Out means showing that people can fit into more than one category, and in more than one way.
  • Breaking Out means that people can grow and change over time--and that they have a right to do so.
  • Breaking Out means challenging assumptions.
  • Breaking Out means acknowledging sexual and gender identity, and variations thereof.
  • Breaking Out means discussing the unspoken.
  • Breaking Out means freeing ourselves from barriers created by our own thoughts and the thoughts of others.

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